My name is Armin Beciragic and I’m Motion Designer with over 10 years of experience in Animation & Post Production.

Armin Beciragic Senior Motion Designer Animator Caricature


Animation is a huge passion of mine. As a Motion Designer, my first steps were in the time of mighty Flash. I worked for several local companies where i got familiar with the concept of motion graphics, timeline animation and key frames. There was a high demand and that pushed me to learn overnight.

In 2008, I started an outsourcing branch for Danish agency INET-DESIGN. We established a team of creative professionals and since than we have been working together for Scandinavian Marketplace. Beside being a Team Leader, I’ve been working as Motion Graphics Designer, Compositor and Art Director.

I put a lot of commitment into my work and until now, so many great projects went through my hands. I improved my skills and gained priceless experience working with the team. Even though I’m a freelance motion designer, I clearly understand the whole production line. My general knowledge of technology is a huge advantage when working on complex projects, and it comes handy to avoid hidden obstacles.


  • Proficiency in Design, Motion Graphics, Compositing & Editing;
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe CC, particularly After Effects;
  • Strong knowledge of Cinema 4D, Flash, UI/UX & Web Design;
  • Ability to create beautiful style frames for pitches and projects;
  • Precise eye for details, composition & colors;
  • Taking a project from storyboard through to completion;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Calm under pressure;
  • Team-orientated and able to accept critique;
  • Ability to estimate, multi-task, prioritize and problem solve.
Adobe Certified Instructor Motion Designer Animator
VideoSova Cute Mascot Character Robot Owl

Why Video Sova?

Sova means Owl in Bosnian language. It symbolizes Wisdom and Intelligence. I admire those birds for their abilities in nature, but in the same time they are so adorable and cute. Combine that with Video and… you get the point. 😀 It was my nickname on forums for a long time and now i use it as a name for my web site.

VideoSova Logo Development Animation Owl
Process of creating the logo

Idea was to merge play button and the owl head into one piece. Triangle symbolizes the video and it shows forward direction. For the owl, i was going for cuteness, but also boldness. After some time spent, I was able to get that using really simple geometric shapes. At the end, I am really happy with the result. It brings the wanted message and a strong character.

5-star rated Envato Author with 1500+ sales.

Envato 5 Star Author Animated Gif

I’m always open for new projects! Just poke me 😉